Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Acrobat 9 Slow moving comments and stickies

I've found that even on our brand new computers, they are still not capable of quickly rendering the newly added transparency effect when moving sticky notes in Acrobat 9. Anytime a user wishes to reposition the detail box of an Acrobat Comment, they must wait for the effect to render and chase the mouse around the screen.

Though searching through the software, I cannot find a way to disable the effect to resurrect the simple rectangle that was used in Acrobat 8.

I also put in 2 request to Adobe support as of today. FYI, we are reviewing 32page PDFx1/a documents (<25MB) and it happens with 1 sticky or 100 stickies just the same. The computers are new iMac 2GHz dual core with 2GB and 4GB configurations (all are affected).